"To be or not to be a chinchilla owner, that is the question."   


To be in touch about the chins you see here,
contact me, Lyn Shuster, at: LASMD925@aol.com subject line
"CHINS."  Kits need to be at least 6 weeks old and 200 grams to
leave mom so count forward from the DOB.   

This website was updated Ju
ly 8, 2015.

To the left, the beautiful Lyn's Chins COCONUT and the
SEC-MCBA Feb 2010 Florida Chin Show's White Male
Champion/Reserve Show Champion and to the right--his son
MOCHA, a reserve color class champ at the 2011 show, and
RHEBA below left, the white color class champ from the 2012
SEC Show AND COLOR CLASS CHAMP at the Atlantic Chapter
Show in PA, May 3, 2014, AND to the right, gray girl ATHENA
color phase champ from the 2013 show AND ZEUS, reserve color
phase black velvet!!

2014 SEC Show COLOR CLASS CHAMP Ebony female VIOLA
to the left--gorgeous girl.

Here's a cute CHRISTMAS picture of the most spoiled chinchilla
I know--MATT, who lives in Miami with Daphne!

IF you are interested in VERY UNUSUAL CHINS, visit our sister
website:  www.angorachinchillasUSA.com where you will learn
about CURLIES (below right) and ANGORAS (below left)

NOW the Chins we have currently for sale:
These are chins from the curly breeding program at Lyn's CHins
who did not show much curl--I can tell you, as can others who had
some of these chins, curlies have very nice personalities...I will
sell only a limited number, here are a nice trio of brothers born
January 15, COLM, extra dark ebony for $350 sale pending (but
inquire if interested, I have others), CALEN, med dark ebony
$225, and CLEM, lovely white mosaic, $275 who is sold/gone.

Here is
COLTON, homozygous beige tan born Mar 28, 2015, $225
from Lyn's Chins.

And here is lovely DIXIE (above), tan girl born 4-29-15, $200,
from Lyn's Chins

Here are LEVI and VIVI, gray violet carrier brother/sister born
6-7-15, yours for $150 each.

Beauties from the curly program at Lyn's Chins, two pretty dark
ebony girls, very curly tails more than body curls.--LUCIE and
LACIE, dob Feb 28, 2015, either of these for $350 (the tails are


Here are CORAL and CAROL, very curly  white mosaic girls,
from the curly program, I will sell one for $500--born Feb 28,
2015 and gorgeous!

How about a gray boy who could also be a sapphire and/or violet
carrier? He'll sell for a gray price, i.e. $125, and he is ZEB born
April 9 2015, from Lyn's Chins, ready for your home now.

Pretty sapphire brother (JORGE) and sister (JEMMA)--she is on
the right and COULD be a sapphire royale.  Either for $300, dob


PADRAIC, white mosaic boy for $250, and sister PADMA, med eb
for $175, born 5-24-15, Lyn's Chins--PADRAIC is now reserved.

Here are VIOLA, gray VC
(right), and LOVEY, light ebony VC,
$150 and $
175, born May 21, 2015 at Lyn's Chins.

COCOA, beige and CERISE, gray, $125 and 150, dob 6-11-15.

NOW here are chins you rarely see:  BLUE DIAMONDS, which
are a blend of sapphire and violet...these are from M snd M
chinchillas in Czech Republic, fellow and friend breeder, and if
you are interested, I'll  be happy to put you in touch and help you
figure out how to import one or more of these beauties....
First up is a male, dob 4-4-14

Now a pretty girl born 6-30-12.

Another boy born 12-17-12.

A boy born 9-13-13.

AND a girl born 6-19-12.

HERE IS WHERE OUR CUSTOMERS SHINE--where else would I get a great
picture like this with BART (far left) who is joining ASH and PEARL at
Luke's house--look pretty good riding on his shoulders don't they?

AND JUST LOOK at this adorable pictures of VAL, white violet boy,
that his mom TORI sent me--what a ham for the camera he is!

And here are ONYX  and SWEET PEA, living the sweet life in their
hammock.  These two belong to PAT and LAURA.  They look SPOILED
ROTTEN which is great!

AND here is Samantha with TOMMY BOY, another shoulder-rider, a lovely
pink white boy she adopted in December 2007--what a nice big boy he is.
(Wonder what's on the TV in the background...)

This lovely sapphire is SYBIL, the fall 2008 SEC Show Reserve Female
Champion from Lyn's Chins.

Let me know if you see something you like--or even if you don't, we might
have something coming that you want.    Lyn Shuster, LASMD925@aol.com,
with subject line"CHINS."

OK, that's really it! Thanks for looking at all of us.....

So I lied--sue me!   Here is "ATTILA the chin" previously know as SEAN,
one of Taboo's boys from Spring 2008--this cute picture comes from Casey,
who is a very proud and happy chin mom, and now a human mom
too--another BOY!  She bought CHICO Christmas 2008 for a friend for
ATTILA.  Word is they get along great...wanna see for yourself? Check them
out in the other shot below--too cute huh?

All right, just ONE more picture--here are MARY KATE and ASHLEY, two
Biscotti daughters, and SMUDGE all at their forever home--look pretty happy
don't they?  Photo credits to Gina, their "I live to spoil chinchillas" owner.

Ok OK--I lied AGAIN--shoot me! Here is ONE LAST PICTURE, another one
of VAL, this one is the "beauty shot"--wow, what a great looking guy huh?
Thanks to TORI for these great pictures from her personal "best chin pix
album"--I do not know how she got this guy to hold still for these shots but
I'm glad she did

And I promised Jenalyn I'd get Diesel a spot on the website because he's such
a "tube lover" (see the matching hammock too?).  We have more, come and
get yours!

LAST ONE REALLY--this is JESSICA's girl CHI, she was Nora here but I
think this new name is better.  Pretty beige wrap girl living the good life.  
AND THIS Lyn's Chin Chin was the Beige Female Color Class Champ at the
December 3, 2011 SEC Chin Show!  YEAH for Jessica and CHI!

Come back and visit anytime!

Lyn Shuster, Lyn's Chins, LASMD925@aol.com, email me with a subject
line "CHINS" please or call me at 407-894-4070 (email is usually faster!)
You can request: "Chin Information and Contract" and/or "Is a chinchilla
the right pet for me?" if you just want more information about chins as pets.
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